Playing The Matrix

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In Playing the Matrix, New Thought leader and New York Times best-selling author Mike Dooley shares his most impactful and transformational program for creating major life changes and shaping our futures. Previously only available at live workshops, this information has been delivered in 132 cities, 34 countries, upon 6 continents.  It clearly reveals why "manifesting" sometimes works with incredible ease, why it sometimes doesn’t work at all, and why, on occasion, it works and yet in hindsight we wish it hadn’t. You’ll not only learn about the "Bermuda Triangle of Manifesting" that too often leads to heartbreak and loss, you’ll discover how to navigate around it, under full sail, with new "Aha!" moments as you come to understand: •How to achieve clarity in purpose and desire •How to avoid contradictions and self-sabotage •How to fuel your dreams with passion while not attaching to unimportant details and outcomes •How to plan and take action on your dreams without messing with the "cursed hows" • Once you begin working with the Universe instead of unwittingly working against it, you will truly astound yourself.

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