Stray Cats

Stray Cats

Meanwhile back at the Ranch, Darlene and I have been busy unpacking Halloween merchandise and a new line of Stray Cats clothing. Just so everyone is up to speed on the RKGs (Roadkill Girls), Marlena is married to Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats band and they have the most incredible life together. It's true love everyday and they worship each other. For reals!  (We all know her pictures of them are photo shopped and she poses next to a life-sized, card board cut-out of him that she keeps in her room, but we play along anyway so we don't hurt her feelings.)

I  purposely didin't tell her that Sourpuss Clothing obtained the license to produce an entire line of Stray Cats merchandise. I wanted it to be a surprise. Since it's her day off, we're wondering if we should tease her with texts, or wait until she works next and film her going crazy? Hmmm..... what to do? What to do?



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