Look what happens when Savannah (our logical web manager) leaves on vacation!

Since yesterday, we've had nothing but MAJOR technical difficulties, and Marlena and I are  over it!!!

We've tried to toubleshoot, but have made things worse. We've called Lightspeed (our POS company) , but the elevator music is putting us over the edge. We just want to scream! (We actually did vent some unhealthy frustration.) Not only is the POS wanky, the labels keep viloently spitting out like Linda Blair's vomit scene from The Exorcist.

Marlena and I are not very "techy", (our brains just aren't wired like that),  we've decided to deal with the issue creatively. So, we've  made a Boomerang video, taken some pics of the scene of the crime and a busted out a bit of mad blogging!

Savannah!!! Oh Wait!!! Lightspeed is calling me back on my cell phone.

The Universe is on its way to getting back in alignment. We can feel it.





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