Crazy Cat Lady

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Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy cat lady alert!

We break for photo shoots! We just received this feline-fabulous blouse, complete with an all-over kitty-cat print and cat applique collar. Marlena called first dibs on modeling it along with her blue lipstick from Lime Crime and Savy offered to come in on her day off to do a quick shoot.

We're all a little mad around here, but Marlena's cat obsession is growing. She showed up to work wearing a cat emblazoned pleated skirt paired with a black cat T-shirt, a white handbag in the shape of a cat head, cat earring studs, and a pink leather choker with silver lettering that reads: KITTEN. She was so upset that she had left her sparkly kitty ears at home (her vision was to  model them with the blouse), she eneded up going over to the costume store down the street to borrow some. Luckily, Bill over at Stray Cats is an uber-cool dude and understood a creative CAT-astrophe. (Budda bing!)  Then she pulled out a black cat mask from our stock room (Yes, we keep a bag of tricks in the back full of masks, wigs and other fun stuff.) and insisted on using that as well. Check out our instagram @roadkill_ranch to see her nine lives video.

Just another fun moment back at the Ranch.



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